Friday, October 1, 2010

Rapid weight loss attributed to healthy eating and being more active

A lot of us don't like having to wait to lose weight. If we had a choice we all would like to lose that weight quick. Today we'll go over how to go about losing that excess weight

- Don't have too much variety of any type of food every meal.

Studies show that we all consume more foods when we have choices. Let's think back to the last time we were at a dinner or a buffet. You'd be lying if you're telling me that you haven't tried everything there was available. Even though we're really full there seems to be more room for more food or more room for dessert. Now because of this we end up consuming a lot more than we normally do, which then adds up to more calories and obviously this is the complete opposite of what you're suppose to do to lost weight fast. We all need to be disciplined enough to learn to put for fork down and stop. It's ok to eat but it's not ok to over eat.

- Gradually change your eating habits to maximize weight loss

Now once we're able to discipline ourselves into eating the right way. You need to make sure you don't drastically change your eatings habits. Small changes can make a big difference. When you suddenly decrease your calorie intake by a lot your body will notice it and it's going to store more fat than it usually does. So by doing this you're not really helping yourself lose weight fast. So keep this in mind as well

- Be more active

This pretty much speaks for itself. Being active doesn't necessarily mean that you go to the gym everyday for several hours. I know someone who used to be overweight, who started jogging for only 15 minutes everyday he lost about 30 pounds and now he's in the best shape of his life and this only took him 3 months, talk about losing weight fast. Always remember that it's usually the small things that count for more. Maybe you can take the stairs instead of the elevator today, maybe you'll walk around the office more instead of sitting down the whole time at your desk. When you become more conscious of the little things you can change then you'll see yourself lose weight much faster.

- Reduce your intake of Calories

Now this is a big one. You need to stop eating those greasy fast food burgers. What is the point of being more active if you keep eating the same type of junk food? It just negates your work out and at the end you become more frustrated because you don't see yourself losing weight. Again you can do this gradually. You can start by eating one less junk food a week and replacing it with something healthier then before you know it you're off the unhealthy food. If you ask any trainer, or any diet specialist they're going to tell you that losing weight is only about 10 percent of you working out and the other 90 is your diet.

- Set Goals and persevere

You need to set a goal whether its to lose 5 pounds this week or eat healthier or even just being active. You need to make sure the goals you've set are realistic. The worse thing you can do is set unrealistic goals. This way you can monitor your progress and see if what you're doing is really working for you. If not then maybe you need to take on a different approach in losing weight. Also understand that there are going to be times where we're going to be lazy and not go for that daily jog, or even indulge ourselves with sweet, that's ok. You need to be able to reward yourself once in a while. The key thing that you need to remember is balance. If you eat more today, then maybe run instead of jogging.

So that's it for healthy eating and being more active. Different people do things differently when it comes to losing weight. Some people eat the same they just run more or be more active, and you have other who just eat healthier. All our bodies are different, the key thing here is figuring out what works best for you and stick with it.

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